Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus first big role as a sweet teenager Miley Stewart with a double life as pop star Hannah Montana. So much has changed since she got her start. Miley started to drift away from her innocent act when she focused more on her singing career than acting. She would still appear in a few movies such as the last song where she met her ex fiancé Liam Hemsworth. She is more known for her singing now. That was when everyone realized that Miley was nowhere near the person she was when she was playing Hannah Montana.

Most of the shock started when she cut off her long brown hair into an almost white colored with shaved sides and longer hair on top. It was hard to believe that she wanted to cut off her gorgeous long locks. After her new look her new songs came We Can’t Stop was  the first popular song from her new album Bangerz. This was unlike anything that she had ever sung before. It was about being drunk and partying. That is totally opposite of when she used to sing about true friends.


Her image got even worse when she performed We Can’t Stop on the VMAs. The world was shocked with her hair that looked like horns and her bear costume. The way that she was dancing was crazy, and a foam finger will never be looked at the same way for the people who have seen her performance. She did it to make history. That she did. She got everyone talking about her. Once the shock of that started to die down wrecking ball came out. Her music video was her naked on a wrecking ball. She performed on the AMAs with another questionable performance. This time it wasn’t because of the dancing and foam finger it was the cat costume and the cat in the background.

It is no question that Miley isn’t the same as when she first gained her fame. At least she is being who she truly is.

There is a Miley Cyrus website that has news about her and her upcoming events.

You can get a look into her life by following her on twitter. Along with the other 15,000,000 followers she has. She posts about what is going on in her career and her thoughts. She posts pictures of her daily life and videos that she has appeared in.


Weekend Recap


For a parent there is nothing worse than finding out that there is something wrong with their child. If gets even worse when there is nothing that can be done about it. This was what was happing in Tanzania. Children would have heart problems, but there were no doctors that were able to do open heart surgery on children. Finally  Dr. Godwin Godfrey came to Tanzania being the only doctor in the whole country capable of preforming open heart surgery on children. While he was in the middle of a surgery on a six year old girl to close a hole in her heart the lights went out. The machines that the heart and lungs were hooked up to weren’t effected by the power outage. Although there was problems during  her surgery the little girl is fine and recovering well.

I think it is amazing that they now have the capability of helping children with heart problems. These kids can get help sooner and have a better life ahead of them because one doctor saw a need and decided that it was one that he could help to improve. It’s amazing that he is working in an area that has needs not where it is convenient he knew that help was need went and got training and is now saving lives. It is great that even though there were some problems in the surgery the girl is fine.



David Amaya Barrick grew up thinking that his mom abandoned him and didn’t love him. His father took him to Mexico because he got divorced from his wife and they couldn’t agree on custody. He decided that the best way to settle it was to take his two year old son and leave the country so that David’s mother could never see him. They recently were reunited. It was hard because they haven’t seen each other in thirty five years. David only speaks Spanish and his mother only speaks English. They are excited to be able to be a part of each other’s lives after all this time. His mother had been looking for him for years. She would send letters, but got no letters in return. She search for him on social media. They finally found each other and had an emotional reunion.

It is wonderful that they found each other and can do life together from now on. However, it is awful that there was 35 years separating them. He is an adult who was married divorced and has kids. She missed it. It wasn’t her fault it was because her child was taken. They are both so accepting each other they have obvious challenge with the language barrier, but they are both trying to make the best of it and just be happy that they are together.



Water Street is a place where homeless people can go to help get them selves back on their feet and turn their lives around. That is exactly what Larry Kuch is doing. He is homeless now. He had a comfortable life style. He was let go from his job. When this happened he didn’t know how to live on a lower income. This soon led to him losing everything. He now helps other people who are homeless. He has learned to be happy and helps others to do the same.

It is great that he has overcome so much in life. He is helping others and using his life experiences to help him. It shows that you can be happy when you have nothing.


What Happened This Weekend

I just go with the flow in life. I just do my own thing, and I’m not really updated on what is going on around me. There is so much that happens every single day. This weekend changed the lives of many people. There have been many tragedies that have left people homeless. Other people have lost their lives this weekend leaving their family behind. There are just a few of the stories that have changed people’s lives this weekend there are so many more that have changed.

Tornado in the Midwest

A tornado occurred this weekend that left thousands without power hundreds without homes and six dead. There are people that are in the hospital due to the storm. Winds reached up to 166 mph. Homes were destroyed. Many people were at church Sunday when the tornado hit. They say that could have been a blessing so that way people weren’t in their homes when the storm when through. The injuries were reduced due to the fact that people weren’t home.

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High School Coach Being Threatened

In Elizabeth town school district girls’ lacrosse coach , Jim Miller is being threatened by parents. One parent came up to him before a big match regarding their child’s playing time.  He told the parent that it wasn’t the time to discuss this situation. The parent started screaming and it took five police to end the little feud that was going on. The parent will drive past his house and if Jim is outside he will yell things at him, and throw dog poop on his yard. This is becoming a common thing for coaches to get hate emails and parents yelling at them for their decisions.

Plane Crash

In Russia there was a passenger plane that crashed. The plane crash left fifty five people dead. One of them being the son of the president of Russian Republic of Tatarstan. It is still unclear if their was a technical error that caused the crash or if it was due to the crew.


Being Put to Death

Joseph Paul Franklin thought that it was God’s will for him to start a race war. For three years he went around killing anyone other than whites. He would also rob banks. He was put on death row. He only has a little time left before he will be put to death. He just wants God’s will to be done. He feels that he did what God wanted him to do.


Missing family is Identified

A family disappeared three years ago. No one knew what happened to them. Bodies were finally found in a desert in California. DNA testing was done to prove that the bodies were of the people from the family that went missing. This gives their extended family peace to know what actually happened to their family.


How to Base a Stunt

Cheerleading is a very difficult sport. There is so much that could go wrong and very seriously hurt someone if you aren’t concentrating on your part and doing your best. One of the hardest parts of cheering is stunting. When you stunt you have to trust each other. If you don’t stunt the right way then the flyer will fall, and could result in an injury. The key to success when stunting is trust. It takes a lot of work to get one person in the air. For the  most part there is the main base, side base and a back spot. Depending on the squads ability to stunt a front spot could be added, or a back spot could be taken away. I am a main base. The fist one leg stunt that should be mastered is a lib.

How to do a lib as a base. If you are working on a lib that means that you have mastered a prep and an extension. Doing a lib is a little bit different. When you are doing an extension you have the whole foot to yourself. When you are in a lib you have to share the flyers foot with your side base.

You have to first get the flyers foot into position. Squad down a little bit so that the flyer can comfortably put their foot in your hands.  The main base gets the toe and the heel. The side base puts their hand on top of the foot to help stabilize it.


Once the foot is in position pull the foot up to about chest level, dip down so that the flyers foot touches town so that they have momentum to get up there.

After the set you drive the flyer up. The main base moves their hands so that they are facing the sides. The side base steps in so that there is no space between the main and side bases.

Once the flyer is in the air then you have to make sure that she stays there. To ensure that she will stay there have your arms locked. It doesn’t matter what position you have in the stunt locking is very important. It makes it easier for the bases to hold when their arms are locked and it makes the easier when the flyer has her leg locked. If you aren’t locked it is incredibly hard to keep the stunt up.


Once she is up there she has to come down. Cradling is the most common way of dismounting. You have to pop the flyer as high as you can.


You have to catch the flyer in the cradle. When you catch you have to reach as high as you can, and pull them in close to you. Then safely return the flyer to the ground.

Once your lib is solid then you just do the same thing to get the flyer in the air. The flyer can them do a bunch of other things in the air like a scorpion and a heel stretches. You have to remember your technique and fight for every stunt. Most importantly catch the flyer.

Unemployed Veterans

It is really hard to find a job in  this economy. It is incredibly hard for veterans’ to find jobs. The unemployment rate for veterans is 6.9%, and the nations overall unemployment is 7.3%. Food stamps are being taken away and that is a huge problem for veterans. They feed more than 900,000 veterans and their families.

When veterans leave the military there are a few jobs that they are well prepared for. Transportation industries are huge employers of veterans. It is the hardest for young veterans to find jobs.  They are trained in the  military to work hard and keep going. With that being said they would make great employees.


There are understandable reasons why companies are hesitant to hire people after they have served for their country. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the factors of why they won’t be hired. People who are hiring don’t understand the skills that they have. When you go to college it is clear what you studied and what background you have that would help you to succeed in the career that you are trying to obtain. People in the military don’t necessarily have a way of putting all their skills on a resume that an employer would understand. There is also the fear of another deployment. If an employer takes a chance and hires a veteran and then they decide to go back they are down an employee. These fears are realistic and are understandable, but it should not be the reason behind why the person isn’t hired. For the most part when a person is out of the military they are out for good.


These people fought for our freedom, and we won’t ever give them jobs. They have experienced some awful situations just so we don’t have to. The adjustment back to the way life was before war is hard. It would be nice if they didn’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from just because they aren’t able to find a job.

Typhoon Haiyan


November 8th one of the worst storms in history hit the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan destroyed everything. There is no power in anywhere, houses were destroyed and many people were killed. It is estimated that about 10,000 people were killed. However, it is hard to know because of all the bodies laying around. There are so many collapsed buildings that there very well could be bodies that are covered and not counted.

People are becoming desperate. Everything that they had was destroyed. There it very little food, and water. Because of this it has lead to theft. People are drinking water that could very well be contaminated. Doctors can’t help people because they don’t have the resources that they need to be able to help.

They need help from other countries. Their country needs to start getting things cleaned up of the death count will continue to grow. This is difficult because there is so much debris on the roads.


What I Want My Life To Look Like

Schooling After High School

I am so excited to graduate this year and be a part of the “real world”. Over the summer I want to go to school for bartending. I decided to go to school for  this because it is always a back up plan. If I can’t get a job in the field that I want to right away I would be able to bartend and it would be a job that I could do while I’m in college. I would make more money doing this than working somewhere making minimum wage. In the fall I want to go to school for speech pathology. I was inspired to do this my one of my nephews Trent. He has speech issues. I have seen the impact that his speech therapist made on him, and how much it improved his life. I love kids, and I want to help people so I thought that this career would be the best way to mix my two passions.


This is a child with his speech therapist

After College

Once I graduate college I want to get a job as a speech therapist. I would love to get married and have kids ideally one boy and one girl. I am excited for this part of my life because it is everything that I have been working for. I have spent years in school and hopefully it will all pay off, and I will get a job that I love to go to everyday. I absolutely love children so I am excited to have kids of my own.


I want to travel I want to explore the world and learn all about different cultures. I want to go back to Ireland and see all of the friends that I made when I was there again. When I was thirteen my dad took me on a trip to where ever I wanted  to go. I want to be able to do that for my kids too. I want to be able to give them experiences to help them be more open minded and understand other peoples way of life.


It’s my dream to go back to Ireland

Once my kids grow up

Once my kids are out of the house hopefully I will still be married. I think that I will try to be involved with different activities so that way I can meet people. I would go crazy if the only interaction that I had was with my husband. I will be traveling to all the places I never got to go to before.


I’m going to a little old lady and hangout with my friends and knit

Obviously life doesn’t go as planned. I have no idea what I will encounter. I could change my mind when I am in college and end up not being a speech therapist. It doesn’t matter what I end up doing  all I truly want to do is be happy, and have a comfortable lifestyle.